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Have you been to Swank Event yet? No ? Well, it is still running and you have some time left to get some of the very amazing and beautiful creations.
CJ Creations is also at Swank and I am showing you here her designs you can get there.


1. Nature Garden Fence Plot

with animated Sparrow
+ optional 3 diff. Goose incl.
Tons of lovely Wildflowers in Set + Tree incl.
Animated Sparrows / Goose on/off by touch
All in 1 Set – tree incl. – 11 LI + 2 LI for each Goose
All copy/mody – scripts no mody

2. Garden Wheelbarrow

+ anim. Goose on/off by touch
copy + mody
7 LI

3. Peony Planter with sitting Cupid

in white, cream, pink or red/white
5 LI each

CJ Creations – Design with heart    == @Swank Event (until end of June 2019)







Have fun shopping 




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