Last updated: June 07th, 2019

  1. [ 1 a] First of all welcome to Social VR, this is a virtual social network for avatars and and or online persona aka virtual representation of yourself when your online relating to various virtual platforms.

  2. [ 1b ] The first thing you should do as a member of this site is update your EMAIL SETTINGS and NOTICE SETTINGS, PRIVACY SETTINGS, and update your cover, avatar and virtual profile information as needed See Rule #[ 12 ] below regarding use of real information.

  3. [ 2 ] Please see our site privacy settings and terms of use for further details on what is acceptable by law on this network below see our social vr site rules.

  4. [ 3 ] This website does not allow 3rd party advertising or spam of 3rd party news sites or other virtual social networks via avatar profiles.

  5. [ 4 ] The above rule does not apply to bloggers relating to virtual content for creatives but we prefer you use our BLOGGING system for that.

  6. [ 5 ] Members that own clubs, stores and agencies or related can create a personal and or business PAGE or GROUP with our site where you can promote your projects or store or business so long as they relate to virtual platforms.

  7. [ 6 ] When posting to a PAGE or GROUP you only need to make one post for the topic your are trying to convey. Your message will then be seen by anyone that follows your PAGE or GROUP, follows your avatar profile and or has the URL to your PAGE or GROUP with correct permissions. Aka Private vs Public Group. PAGES can be scene by non registered users.

  8. [ 7 ] While a 100% of core features on Social VR are free we do need to keep the lights on so we have two systems for that. PRO ACCOUNTS & ADVERTISING via SIDEBAR & VIA PAGES.

  9. [ 8 ] Social VR has a friendly community and we ask that all users respect each other, there is no room for hate on this network, trouble makers will be delt with swiftly and if needed tied to a bed with feathers, if this is your thing and you like being tied to a bed with feathers Mistress Athalia will setup an appoint for you, in the mean time we ask all users please be respectful of each other. Social VR is also GDPR compliance and LGBTQ+ Friendly.

  10. [ 9 ] Rules for Adult Content: RL Adult Photos and or Both Virtual / Real Porn Images are NOT Permitted on this site. We do allow artistic virtual nudes please see RULE below.

  11. [ 10 ] Rules of Artistic Virtual Nudes: In order to share this type of art on site see rule above, then if your art meets those requirements you must set the port to "People I Follow" or "People that follow me" This keeps the site kid and member friendly.

  12. [ 11 ] No posting of crazy memes on the site while these are funny and amusing but this network is about your Virtual Life Experiences and there are other networks online that you can go Meme Crazy On! Cheers

  13. [ 12 a] Any real life information a user and or member posts on this site is purely (optional) and at your own risk make sure to check your PRIVACY POLICY. This is a virtual network after all! We will never ask for RL information.

  14. [ 12 b] See 12a Above, in this section the basic rule is that no real life photos as profile picture or cover image. Please upload an image that best represents your virtual persona and or online avatar's photo but do not post your real life photo! Again this network is a virtual social network. Users that fail to follow this rule will be warn then account deleted if not changed with in 1 week. If you want your RL Photo in your news feed you can but set it to only "people you follow" but not as a profile image. Cheers!

  15. [ 13 ] We ask that members keep their accounts up to date, this includes a valid email account of your choice in case you forget your password, if you unsubscribe to this site you won't be able to retrieve your password in this case contact our support for help at

  16. [ 14 ] No Child's Play of any kind, real or virtual! And is a ban-able offence as well as termination of member account!

  17. [ 15 ] Failure to follow rules of the Social VR will result in a few friendly warning messages from Athayus after which if the rules are ignored see our site TERMINATION rules here!

  18. [ 16 ] While this network is similar to other online social networks it's functionality is built from ground up and may differ from other networks with that in mind if you need help or have questions you can contact us via for further clarification or support. We are working very hard to make sure this network is fair, friendly, respects privacy, these rules are for the health and safety of our community.

  19. Each member who is registered on this site is responsible for their own content as per GDPR and International Laws Please real our PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE, while using this network. Social VR is a virtual network it's users are real people which we value your privacy and your experience while on this network. We have systems in place should a member want to download their own submitted content and or delete their account, deleting an account is final and will require creating a new account should you decide to come back. As a member you can change any settings on this site related to your own account. We hope that all members find the above rules fair in creating a healthy and shared virtual life experience.

  20. For all other support, questions, concerns, feedback, suggestions, and or even improvements to this page, please contact Athayus Quan and I'll be happy to assist you.

  21. We reserve the right to update these Rules make changes and or add to these rules as needed and or directed by community and team, cheers!

Thank you

Athayus Quan

Site Founder & Creator