My Vista Bento Rollerskate AO Review

It gets a three out of five star rating for animation quality and realism but there is literally no alternative if you want Bento. Find out what I liked and didn't like

My review of Vista's new rollerskate AO: It isn't the best Bento skate AO but it's the only one.

So if you want a Bento rollerskate AO, better suck it up, buttercup and get ready to lay down 1100L or buy a la carte for 200L each. Shh, just take it. 

It does come with a pair of rollerskates, btw. I believe you can get that same set full perm from Meli Imako for about 250L. 

Overall, the walk (yes, there is only one), and runs are okay (Vista gives you the runs, heh). The stands, as with many Vista stands, may get you picked up by the vice squad for solicitation - not many normal people stands to be found. But what are you gonna do if you want a Bento rollerskate AO? You're going to learn to stand like a top-notch Russian ho or use other stands.

To be fair, I did find two fairly tame ones and combined them with some other non-bento skate stands in my inventory. Basically, I ripped everything out of the HUD and put the ones I like into the Firestorm AO. This is also good because sim crossings never kill my AO and no-script lands don't leave me walking like a duck. Anyway, so my answer was to take the good Vista animations and leave the bad ones. I did buy the whole AO, though, since at 200L a pop, you might as well get the whole thing and save a little. 

Maddy Perennity

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