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Winter almost coming to an end. I decided to skip out for a long weekend and went to the place called the "Kanaloa Surf Beach" and it was perfect. Just what the doctor order for a recharge. Lots of little islands connected together by a bridge, Adorable huts to rent along the beach front.

I am wearing the Evolve Giftee Control Swimsuit, One piece that is colorful and gorgeous for this coming summer. The top is attach to the bottom by 2 straps that are attached by an triangle to give it a the sexy look. Will be at the UP Event this March..

Spent the day, walking around surfing, swimming. Each little inlet had something special, a small firepit to sit around or dance, lounges to sit and watch the waves, places to cuddle and last of all a beach bar. All in walking distance.

EVOLVE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BOSL%20INNOVATION%20PAVILLION/160/183/22