A day at a time in the Life

Dory here forgets everything due to a TBI that resulted in a stroke in the 90's. This will be a way to capture moments that otherwise may just slip through the cracks.


As I prepare to take my daily nap, I reflect. I have been close to my recent family for many years. I become a sister several months ago. Recently there was a disagreement between myself and the founders current wife, that has resulted in me needing to leave the family. Its my only option, to try to put an end to the lies and harrasment from her towards me and my friends. The rift started over her harrassment of one of my closest friends. Next, the same verbal war targeted one of my best friends of many years to the point she left the family yesterday. Alas, today it began in a different newer friends IM's. I can no longer stay around although I adore all other family members. For that, I am sad. 

I moved out of the home my family provided, as well as the studio. I have relocated and rented a place on the blake sea again. I will be sharing this place with a close friend, and look forward to having a lovely peaceful place to launch my boats from, meditate, play games, have small gatherings and cuddle with my closest friends.