That Hunt was Fun But Now My Inventory is a Mess!

One way to organize your goodies to find them later


Tis the season for gifts and hunts, but just like everything else this time of year, after the celebration comes the duldrums and - the mess!

What to do? 

First, have a plan, which is to say, organize: Create folders and places for everything to go beforehand or as soon as possible. Start with a template of common folders and copy that for your things under a top-level folder name that makes sense.

Here's how I set things up for my #POE hunt: 

Once you create your template (with whatever categories work best for you), then simply paste those folders into each folder that you will use to store your goodies until you can sort them. Why the "!"? That helps keep the template folders sorted from the gift or hunt item folders when you receive them until you can deal with it all. 

For this hunt, I also broke down the hunt into different legs, so that items from stores 1-5 went into the first folder, then 6-20, etc. Since I collected over 1,200 items from this hunt from 111 different stores, this was pretty helpful. 

Once everything is collected and sorted into its respective folder by catagory, you can then delete the empty folders if you wish. The next step is to inegrate them into your main inventory hierarchy, or as I do, CTS Wardrobe the wearables as I do so, that way I'm sure I will always be able to find them later. 

The great thing about templates is you can use them over and over again and for a great many things. If your inventory is a mess, this may be a good way for you to tackle that, as well. 

Happy, hunting ;)