Pestilence is Her Name and Chaos is Her Game

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Bringing disease, famine, chaos, and all kinds of fun your way! She's dressed up and ready to party!!

Bringing disease, famine, chaos, and all kinds of fun your way! She's dressed up and ready to party!! 



 Shopping List


Stargazer Creations -  Cyber Future Skin Set - #10 shown. 

Part of a gacha skin set for BOM skins only, prizes include skins + 3D Material Appliers
7 Rare Skin Sets and 10 Common Skin Sets. Glow Lights (Tintable) SPECIAL SOI for 20 Plays, only 75L/Play. Find this at the Gacha Garden.

Mesh Body Parts:
Genus -  Strong (Currently unavailable)

Maitreya - Lara body V5.2

After Midnight Fashions -  Midnight Galaxy Zodiac

 Unrigged mesh eyes with HUD for all Zodiac signs. Texture each individually to mix and match. Exclusive at The Darkness Event Aug 5-28th.

!!Firelight!! Alara Fatpack v2 

 Texture HUD in 2 effects, rigged mesh hair, color tinting wheel. Several color packs to choose from.  On sale for 50% off at Last Chance Event Aug 5-20

VENGE - Stiletto Nail Applier - ' Hades ' at Enchantment 

 An exclusive at Enchantment - Sleeping Beauty in August 2020
Please note: This nail HUD only works with the Maitreya and Legacy mesh nails by Venge. Purchase the starter set at their main store, also comes with a starter texture HUD. 


Dark Love - Queen Of Chaos 

Outfit Includes Cross Chain, Halo, Horns, Harness for Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass, and Freya. Dress fits Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, and Maitreya. Includes multi level texture HUD. On sale at Necrosis - Year of Decay July 31 - August 21

Spookshow  - Large Gauge Septum [Double Ring]

 Comes with extensive HUD with 8 colors for 2 parts, ring and balls. Unrigged, materials enabled. On sale at Necrosis - Year of Decay




-Ick -  This Exclusive is a set of 20 statics props with full perm maps and a texture applier with textures that will match Ichor and Ooze products.
-CatsEye - Animated eyes, texture applier with 7 texture options included. 100% Original mesh
-Ichor - This is a set of 12 static props. 3 texture options available, shown here in dark.   Exclusive items are not going to be for sale anywhere else ever: only available at Necrosis - Year of Decay

Props and Poses
 [Empowered] Snake Poses

 5 poses with attachable snake prop for each.