About Social VR
Social VR is a Virtual Social Network for Avatars to share their Virtual Life Experiences!

Social VR - is a Virtual Social Network for Avatars &

"Social VR is a virtual reality social network designed to connect avatars and with their friends and online family, so that they can share their virtual life experiences together."

This includes virtual platforms like Sinespace, Second Life, Somnium Space VR, Sansar, VR Chat and other games!

This website is community driven by it's members of avatars, hobbyist and enthusiasts with a shared interest in both virtual reality and virtual platforms.

Social VR was created as a Virtual Social Network by Athayus Quan who is also the founder of Pixel VR to name a few websites in our network.

If you need support from any of our networks including this site please contact us via Info and we'll reply in 1 to 2 business days.

Users can create a personal profile for their online persona and or avatar from various AI / AR / VR / Mixed Reality & online platforms."

Wether your an indie or AAA game developer or you have a character on those platforms that needs a home to share your on-line identity with. This network is for you, with a focus on sharing your virtual and creative experiences.

If you have a passion for expressing your creatively this site was built to connect you with those that build the tools, platforms and hardware and all round creative spirits, that can help you better explore and express your virtual existence!

This website and network is live, friends and friends of friends welcome. 

Thank you for your interest in Social VR!