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I'm not blogging a whole lot officially as a matter of fact this post isn't really official. I am on the Vinyl Blogotex but not because I earned it. I love Little Toast and Vinyl, back before I got completely committed to blogging I followed Vinyl and bought so many things. I had to message her a few times due to some texturing issues. Me, being me, was always polite and kind. The issues were resolved and before I knew it she was sending me items unsolicited. Before long she added me to the blogger group to receive items for free and again, me being me, I never felt right taking something without blogging it. It's been like 4 years that I've been with Vinyl and my love for Little Toast and for the store has only grown. I love seeing her grow with her creations and hearing little stories about her RL. Little Toast aka Dawnee Kirk is honestly one of the kindest, sweetest. and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thank you Toast for giving me the chance to share your amazing creations with the world of SL.Heat Wave 500

Vinyl released this amazing two-piece outfit at Uber for this month. The top and shorts are sold separately and include sizes for Freya, Legacy, Maitreya, Isis, Hourglass, Physique, and Alice. The top and shorts come in 18 colors, the shirt has a HUD for the strings and the shorts have a zippers HUD. The whole set is just beautifully done and exactly the quality I expect from Vinyl. It's also Vinyl's 5th anniversary this month and for more information on this huge event please visit Vinyl's Flickr page. 

Top ♥new♥: Vinyl - Bellini Wrap Top Legacy - Uber (June 25 - July 22)

Shorts ♥new♥: Vinyl - Peach Shorts Legacy - Uber (June 25 - July 22)

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I paired this outfit up with some brand new shoes from Essenz. These shoes are available at Black Fair. These shoes are fit for Maitreya, Belleza, and Legacy only and come in 26 colors broken up into mini packs or as a fatpack. 

Shoes ♥new♥: Essenz - Sarajevo Legacy Fatpack - Black Fair (July 4 - July 18)

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Juna released this tattoo last month for Vanity Event before going on summer vacation. This beautiful tattoo is for BoM or Omega only and includes 4 intensities. This tattoo can now be found at the main store or MP locations.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Juna Artistic Tattoo - Dudu Tattoo Medium Classic Avatar BoM 

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I hit up Collabor88 this month and found not one but two items I just had to have. First, this gorgeous hair from Foxy. This hair comes in multiple fits and all standard color packs or as a fatpack. There is a style HUD included as well.

Hair ♥new♥: Foxy - Gigi Essentials - Collabor88 (July 8 - August 6)

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Foxcity also is at Collabor88 with this brand new pose set and photo backdrop. This backdrop comes with several different rezzable options. The pose set is bento and includes 6 poses plus mirrors with a 7th exclusive pose in the fatpack.

Backdrop ♥new♥: Foxcity - Chic BB - Collabor88 (July 8 - August 6)

Pose ♥new♥: Foxcity - Heat Wave 4 - Collabor88 (July 8 - August 6)

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