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While I'm taking a break from blogging I decided to hit up one of my old haunts. It's been a really long time since I visited this place and there was no one I knew, it was weird. Once upon a time it was my only place. I'm at a spot in my SLife where I don't fit in anywhere. I've spent so much time building up my blog I forgot to have fun. I just don't feel like I fit in anywhere anymore. Yes, I do know I'm on break and not "required" to create any blogs but these are for me. I'm trying to figure out where I am going with my blog, is it something I really want to keep doing? At this point, I'm not entirely sure. 

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Johnny Perez, the owner of Mangula, had the misfortune of his computer dying on him. In response to that several creators, bloggers, and consumers came together to promote his shop and help him, hopefully, get the funds he needed to replace it. I don't have a lot of money RL but right now I'm sitting pretty in SL so I decided to do what I've been meaning to do for months, I headed over to Mangula's MP and bought one of the massive fatpacks available there. Let me tell you about this massive fatpack. This set includes the top, pants with two fits, shorts, socks, and shoes. This set is fit for Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, and Tonic Curvy. There are two sweater options, a plain and graphic. There are 20 color options for both as well as the strings, The pants and shorts also have 20 denim options, the shoes have 20 color options and control 7 different faces. The socks can be turned on and off via the HUD. All-in-all this massive set is well worth the price tag and if you haven't checked out Mangula yet, now is the time. 

OutfitMangula - Lucia Set Mega Pack Freya 

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Stealthic released this adorable hair at the main store and I just love it. Available in all standard color packs, this hair includes a style HUD with 4 options. The hairpins were designed by Toksik owner, who collaborated on this hair. They can be turned on and off via the HUD and include 5 color options. 

Hair: Stealthic - Chiffon Rigged Variety

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Secret Poses released this chair set at eBento this month and you still have a few days to grab it. This bento pose set includes the chair and 6 poses. There is an adjuster built into the prop as well so you can achieve the perfect fit for yourself. 

Pose ♥new♥: Secret Poses - The Chair Pose 2 - eBento‌ (May 11 - May 30)

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Backdrop: Foxcity - Escape Photo Booth 

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Eyeshadow: Colivati Beauty - Rich B*tch Eyeshadow Pack Lelutka Evo

Lipstick: Colivati Beauty - Tilbury Lipstick Pack Lelutka Evo

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