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Yes, I am on a break but that doesn't mean I can't see things that I love and blog them so here we are. I was inspired and just had to shoot a photo of this look. So here we are, just a few days into my break and already I've picked up the camera again. It is different to blog without requirements or stress, this is just something for fun.

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I chose this dress from The Annex to feature today because I had it sitting in my inventory and I decided to open it. This dress was originally released for The Saturday Sale at the beginning of the month and even though it is no longer on sale it is well worth heading out to grab. This dress is fit for Maitreya, Freya, and Hourglass. There are 14 color options to choose from.

Dress: The Annex - Maddie Cornflower Freya

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Truth released this new hair to the main store and I'll be honest, that's why I decided to write this blog. Although I took a break from blogging I didn't request a leave from my hair creators for one simple reason, they don't release a lot and I didn't want to miss out on anything or risk being removed from the groups because I've worked really hard to get the few hair creators that I do have. Anywho, this hair includes 2 sizes with 3 chest options for each size. It is available in all standard color packs or as a fatpack.

Hair ♥new♥: Truth - Delicate ++Chest Redhead

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Juna Artistic Tattoo is at Harajuku Event this month with a brand new upper body tattoo. This tattoo covers part of your chest, shoulders, upper arms, your full back, and buttocks. The colors are vibrant and stunning. This tattoo includes Omega and BoM in 4 intensities.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Juna Artistic Tattoo - Hoshi Tattoo - Harajuku Event (May 20 - June 10)

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Pose: Templar Poses - Corsair 3M

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Furniture: Chez Moi - Cloud Couch Set 

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Backdrop: The Bearded Guy - Damn Abuser Backdrop Gacha Collection Callaita Rare

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For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.