About Athena

Provided below is all about me. I feel that people should know who and what I am. Please do not judge me, unless you want to be judged back. I am friendly unless provoked.

Merry Meet! My name is Athena. I am Wiccan and have been for 7 years. I am also a 30 year spiritual adviser. I will talk more about Wicca in other blogs.

My patron Goddess is Athena and my patron Gods are Zeus and Loki.

My favorite Sabbats are Mabon, Samhain and Yule. Again, more on the sabbats in other blogs.

I do NOT devil worship. This is not what Wicca is. Often times I get accused of this, but I suggest researching Wicca before accusing me.

I am currently a student at Wooloston-Steen Theological Seminary. It is a Wiccan school. I am also a Student Ambassador of the school through Sacred Cauldron in Second Life.

As a spiritual adviser, I speciliaze in love, relationship, money and career related questions ( just not here though). I will tell you where to find me for a reading in other blogs.

Now about me in Second Life:

My avatar name is MorticiaAthenaDruid (wiccanseductress). I am a shapeshifter. I can change from human form, to furry form, to vampire form at will. I am a part of the Bloodlines family on SL. I identify as a Moroi vampire on SL, which is interesting since I prefer the sparkly, glittery kind (yes, I love Twilight).

I take to people rather quickly, but if I am attacked, bashed, insulted or sworn at, the fangs come out.

Got a question? Just ask.