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These are crazy times we live in, a friend of mine posted about a man with a machete in her neighborhood threatening everyone that thought to go outside, IDK if it's true but it just goes to show the mental state of people around the world. We are, for the lack of a better word, on house arrest while this virus holds us hostage. Only able to escape for basic needs, or in my case, not to murder my son-in-law today. I did have valid reasons for going to the grocery store, but that was the driving force, I will admit. I am going absolutely crazy being stuck in the house with no end in sight. Although it does seem our pres has pulled his orange head out of his ass and has extended the social distancing guidelines, he no longer thinks he'll have control of this by Easter. We all knew, but he didn't I guess.

Today we had to celebrate my youngest daughter's 15th birthday without any family or friends. A simple pot roast dinner and a red velvet cake to complete it. No aunts, no uncles, no cousins. Everyone taking social distancing seriously in my family. When this is all over we have promised her a huge party with all our family around, but for now, she is happy to have had her mom, sister, grandma, and nephew there. Thank God she doesn't demand more.

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Acadia Events Aenigma is in full swing and you should definitely stop by to check out the creepy, the cool, and the totally unique. I chose this dress and jacket combo from zOOm to share today because I tried out the demo and fell in love. This set includes a HUD with 10 different texture options, the jacket is just the one color no HUD. This set is fit for Maitreya, Hourglass, and Freya only. It's totally worth picking up.

Dress and Jacket ♥new♥zOOm - Madness Outfit Freya - Acadia Event: Aenigma (March 23 - April 15)

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I paired this dress up with a few more pieces, also available at Aenigma. These shears for one, which is Animesh and includes a set for men and one for women. There is also an unrigged pair with all four textures available that are in the HUD. There are four animations included as well, slow, fast, open, and closed.

Shears ♥new♥Maru Kado - Snip Off the Ends Animesh Female - Acadia Event: Aenigma (March 23 - April 15)

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The makeup is from Lilithium and can also be found at Aenigma. This set is based on Genus and includes an applier as well as the BoM layers, which I am wearing on my Lelutka Lake mesh head. This set includes two versions of the eyeshadow and lipstick; normal and smeared. It's really a fantastic set and perfect for those days you're feeling just a bit mad.

Makeup ♥new♥Lilithium - Folle a Lier V.2 Shadows and Lipstick - Acadia Event: Aenigma (March 23 - April 15)

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Last but not least I have these body scars from The White Crow. This set includes appliers for Omega as well as BoM. There is light and dark versions available, they come in body only, face only, lips only, or full. It's a really fantastic body scarring set and I can imagine I will use them more.

Scars ♥new♥: The White Crow - Need Therapy Full Dark BoM - Acadia Event: Aenigma (March 23 - April 15)

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I needed just the right hair and my hunt lead me to Mina where I found Kim. This hair is available in all standard color packs, the collar is included and is actually part of the hair. The collar is normal or includes Peanut RLV scripts.

Hair: Mina - Kim Essentials

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Eyes: Conviction - Shion Blind Rare Omega

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People: House of Wax - Zombie Doctor and Zombie Nurse

Backdrop: Astralia - Horrorfest Backdrops Psychiatric Hospital

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Skin: Spicy Bodyshop - Audrey Milk Lelutka BoM

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For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.

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