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Even as a child watching Alice In Wonderland, I knew how trippy and psychedelic it was. I mean I didn't understand the drug-induced trip that could result from watching that movie, but I knew the bright colors, crazy settings, and everything else were something that really hadn't been intended for children. As I have gotten older, I realize that all animated movies are geared toward adults too, there is always something in it that keeps the adult entertained while their children watch. It's why companies like Disney and Dreamworks do so well. They honestly cater to everyone, children just don't realize it.

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Acadia Events is featuring a dark Alice theme this month and I am going to have some fun with it. Sass has this fabulous tunic for sale during the event. This dress is fit for Maitreya, Freya, Legacy, and Hourglass only. This tunic comes with a HUD that includes 10 plain colors, 10 stripes, 10 tunic laces, and 10 metal grommets. It's really well done and super cute.

Tunic ♥new♥: Sass - Quinley Tunic Freya - Acadia Event (March 23 - April 15)

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I paired this tunic dress up with a brand new hair from Knox, available at the main store and a collaboration with Mangula. This hair includes 4 styles but it's not built into a style HUD and here's why. When you have a style HUD all styles are worn at once increasing avatar complexity and lag. Having separate hairs makes you less laggy and happier. This hair is available in all standard color packs and is just gorgeous.

Hair ♥new♥: Knox Hair - Nala Hair Fatpack

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This pose is from Diversion and can also be found at Acadia. This pose set includes 7 bento poses plus mirrors and includes the bat for each pose. It's a really great pose set.

Pose ♥new♥: Diversion - Lunacy 4 - Acadia Event (March 23 - April 15)

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Leven Ink has this gorgeous full-body tattoo at Acadia and it is unisex. This tattoo includes BoM and appliers for Omega, Maitreya, Signature, and Belleza. There are 3 intensities included in this tattoo pack.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Leven Ink Tattoo - Madison Unisex 70 BoM - Acadia Event (March 23 - April 15)

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The Bearded Guy has this non-gacha backdrop at Acadia Events. This backdrop moves, flashes, and is just fantastic. This backdrop has an LI of 120.

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy - This is Madness Backdrop - Acadia Event (March 23 - April 15)

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I don't typically include a closeup with my full shot but there was too many things that needed a closeup in this shot. This makeup for one, from Nefekalum Tattoo. Two Sides of Madness includes appliers for Omega and Catwa with materials. There is also BoM layers. There is black tears, red smears, and a combination of the two included.

Eyeshadow ♥new♥: Nefekalum Tattoo - Two Sides of Madness BoM - Acadia Event (March 23 - April 15)

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Lipstick: Alaskametro - Black Magic Lipstick 04 BoM

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Piercing: Suicidal Unborn - Medusa Piercing

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Choker: Romazin - Miranda Choker

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 UniCult has this eye pack for Acadia and I just kind of love it. Madness Eyes includes a mesh eye pack and Omega appliers. There is a total of 16 appliers; 8 eyes with two versions.

Eyes ♥new♥: UniCult - Madness Eyes - Acadia Event (March 23 - April 15)

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Dark Passions - Koffin Nails is at We ♥ Roleplay this month with this fabulous nail applier. This set comes with appliers for Maitreya, Omega, and Slink only. It includes 6 fabulous colors.

Nails ♥new♥: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - The Alchemist's Talons - We 3 RP (March 4 - March 30)

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Skin ♥new♥: Spicy Bodyshop - Audrey Milk Dark Brows BoM - Skin Fair South Sim (March 13 - March 29)

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