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So, my entire life I thought the first day of spring always landed on March 21, but I found out last night it changes. The first day of spring could actually be the 19, 20, or 21. Weird. The first day of spring for me resulted in being temporarily laid off due to a worldwide pandemic but the snow is melting and that makes me so happy. I am trying not to focus on the negative, I am really trying to remain a positive person during this time. I am having a lot of fun blogging lots of stuff and today the mom's honey-do list officially starts being worked on. There are definitely some positives happening in this trying time. 

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Since I am focusing on spring I decided to make an outdoor patio scene today. I chose a brand new bench from Chez Moi as my focal point. This double-seated trellis bench is available in adult or PG and includes animations for singles and couples. There is a HUD with five color options included. Grab yours at Tres Chic now. Two steaming cups of coffee are included in this set as well. 

Bench ♥new♥: Chez Moi - Trellis Bench Adult - Tres Chic (March 17 - April 10)

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I added this brand new dovecote from Serenity Style, available at the Man Cave this month. This set includes the dovecote and 4 different types of doves. A perfect addition to your spring patio or rooftop. 

Dovecote ♥new♥: Serenity Style - Gilligan Dovecote Set - Man Cave (March 17 - April 11)

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The firepit and tulip rainboots are both older items from What Next but they just felt like a perfect addition to my spring patio. The firepit will help you stay warm during the cooler spring nights and the rainboots are just cute. The firepit has the ability to turn the fire on and off, the boots include a texturing script to change the boots and flowers.

Firepit: What Next - Bellevie Firepit

Rainboots: What Next - Tulips Rainboots Planter

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I use the same trees from Little Branch so much I decided to hit the store and see what newness I could find. Well, I found two new trees and a planter that I just had to have. The Wild Sassafrass is available at the inworld store on a sale special. This tree includes two versions, wild grass, and buffalo grass. The Juniper Tree is on the MP and this pack includes crispy grass, winter grass, two hills, and snakeweed as well. The little purple planter is also on the MP and includes 5 versions plus snakeweed and wild grass. 

Plants: Little Branch - Alocasia Plant Lavender

Wild Sassafras V2 Animated 4 Seasons

Juniper Tree V1 Animated Seasons

Crispy Grass Animated Seasons

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The background behind my little patio seemed really bare and I thought a house would add just the right touch. This house has an LI of 168 and comes in a rez box. 

Home: Galland Homes - Hatteras

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