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I'm kind of annoyed tonight and maybe this isn't the best time to blog but I really just need to do something normal and familiar. Today, I got a rejection from a group that I knew I wouldn't be accepted to, the feedback though left me puzzled. It said, "maybe use less confusing backgrounds". That's all well and good, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, I read that as "be a drone in SL and only use plain backdrops and have no creativity." I could be wrong. Either way, this post is supposed to show my vast diversity in photography and maybe, just maybe the person that said that will see there is more to me than just noisy, confusing backgrounds. 

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I chose this dress from Lunacat available at anyBODY because; 1. it's Maitreya and Legacy only and 2. I already had my Maitreya on from a previous post so I thought why not. Okay, so the fact that this dress is really cute had no bearing on my decision to blog it? I think not. This dress is available in 6 color packs, no HUDs and as I stated before is for Maitreya and Legacy only. I'll forgive it being only Maitreya and Legacy because it is cute. Freya is still my goto but occasionally I have to dust off my Maitreya just to show amazing things. 

Dress ♥new♥Lunacat - Suit Dress Black/Beige Maitreya - anyBODY (March 7 - March 30)

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I paired this uber cute dress up with a brand new group gift from Lamb Hair Store. This group gift includes a full fatpack HUD and a style HUD with the ability to turn the included hairbase on and off. So often I choose to be blonde and thought it would be fun to show off another hair color, plus this hair just goes so perfectly with this dress.

Hair ♥gift♥: Lamb - Angel Fatpack 

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I wanted to show off another one of the skin tones included in the Spicy Bodyshop Skin Fair release. This skin comes in 4 mini packs including 3 tones in each. It is BoM only and includes 3 eyebrows, no brows, and 4 tattoo hairbases.

Skin ♥new♥: Spicy Bodyshop - Audrey Light Fair Red Brow BoM Lelutka Evo - Skin Fair Shopping Guide LM COMING SOON (March 13 – March 29)

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I wanted some new makeup and I am always on the lookout. I have had the honor of blogging POUT! a few times so I decided to hit up her store and see what I could find. I found an amazing eyeshadow and lipstick, that's what I found. These makeups include appliers for Lelutka Evo and Genus, the eyeshadows also have Lelutka original and BoM. The eyeshadow has 6 tones included with an optional liner, the lipstick has 10 shades included. 

Eyeshadow: POUT! - Secret Crush Lelutka Evo 

Lipstick: POUT! - Butter Kiss HD Lipstick Lelutka Evo 

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SAPA Poses is at Pose Fair with a few brand new poses. They are all called simply 71. There is a total of 12 poses for sale and 3 gift poses. These poses are bento and do not include mirrors. 

Poses ♥new♥SAPA Poses - 71.2 - Pose Fair (March 7 - March 28)

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Eyes: Avi-Glam - Crystal Eyes Steel Omega 

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