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It's the day after Valentine's day and now the real holiday can begin. 50% off chocolate at the stores! Mostly kidding since I don't eat a lot of that stuff anymore but I remember when I would be at the store as soon as they opened so I could load up on my favorite candy. Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's without fail. My Valentine's day was uneventful but that's okay too. Win some, lose some. Cupid ain't got Nothing on Me 1024

Salt Pepper is celebrating her 5th anniversary in Second Life with this lovely gift for group members. This set is fit for Freya, Maitreya, Legacy, and Hourglass. The top, skirt, and harness can be worn individually and the included HUD has 10 colors for the top, skirt, and panties with a toggle option. There are 6 metal options included as well.


Outfit ♥new gift♥: Salt Pepper - Fiona Top, Skirt, and Harness Freya 

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I chose this pretty hair from DOUX to feature today and I bought it off the MP, something I hadn't done before so now I have new information. When you purchase DOUX hair in the main store you have the option to buy the basic pack which only has the hair and color HUD, then add the Deluxe pack which includes the style HUD and any accessories. On the MP though you can buy the blogger pack that includes both without having to make two purchases. It's kinda nice. This hair is soft and pretty with an option to turn the baby hairs off, materials on and off, and a full bright option. The style HUD has 4 style options but a tinter. This hair is rigged in 3 sizes each with a larger breast option.

Hair:  - Cordelia Blogger Pack S/Boobs 


I chose this stunning skin from Egozy, available at the current round of eBento. This skin is for Genus only and only has appliers, no BoM. It is available in all standard color packs and shape is available as well. The body appliers are sold separately.

Skin ♥new♥: Egozy - Britney Genus Ivory - eBento (February 11 - February 29)

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Eyes: Avi-Glam - Cupid Eyes Genus 

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Clever Language has this stunning tattoo available for eBento as well. Appliers for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink and Omega is available as well as BoM layers. I just love the bright, spring feel to this tattoo.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Clever Language - Alissa Tattoo Belleza - eBento (February 11 - February 29)

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GingerFish has released this pose for eBento and it's amazing. This set includes 5 bento poses plus mirrors. Remember, since it is bento you may have to modify your shape a tiny bit. 

Pose ♥new♥: GingerFish - Burning Love 3 - eBento (February 11 - February 29)

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I  decided to finish off this photo with some beautiful, older bento wings from Blueberry. This wing set includes bento and non-bento wings with two different color HUD options; standard and gold. I just love Blueberry and I think theses were the first bento wings I owned.

Wings: Blueberry - Icon Angel Wings Bento Gold HUD 

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