Kahryn Kapler

Now, here's a fucking bitch that go fuck off. The nerve of this woman has gotten me and my Second Life partner angry with her. Continue reading below to know what happened and why he and I are so pissed at her.

Her name is Kahryn Kappler. She came into the sim that my SL partner was dj'ing at and I was hosting at. She said hi, we said hi. Simple, right? Not quite. She im'ed me asking if she could get naked in front of me and my partner. I asked him and he said if I was okay with it he was okay with it. So, I went along with it. Unaware she wanted only him naked. But when I got naked she said nothing. I could sense she was pissed at me. So, here's what happened next that made my partner and me angry with her.

She then had the fucking nerve to ask me about my collar and leash. Bitch! You have the fucking same! So, I told her that I and he were partnered. Together. To each other. No one else. The leash is to let others know that I am taken and he is taken. To each other! I made it clear to her to back the fuck off. She refused. The next question out of her mouth was what set him and I off. She asked if I could loan him out for the evening. I said, "No, I will NOT." She laughed. I told him and he said that there is no way he would do that to me. He told me to just ignore her as he had been and so I did. She finally got the hint and left.

Then this morning he and I found out that we had been reported to the sim owner for me being leashed. We both knew it was Kahryn and we are so fucking angry with her right now. We told the sim owner the reason for the leash and luckily she understood.

So, Kahryn Kappler, if you ever come to this site and see this article: YOU ARE A FUCKING BITCH!