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Everyone knows Santa Claus but not much is known about his wife, Mrs. Claus. We hear about the elves and the reindeer, occasionally it's mentioned that Santa Claus has a wife but what does she really do? I'm sure, just like the rest of the world's housewives and mothers, she spends her day preparing food and cleaning up after the innumerable elves and Santa Claus himself. Maybe we'll never know.

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Just Because has released this fabulous holiday gown for the current round of Uber. This gown is available in 24 colors with a fur HUD for each, it is fit for Maitreya, Freya, Legacy, Hourglass, and Physique. It's a stunning piece sure to fit all your holiday party needs. 

Gown ♥new♥: Just Because - Winter Gown Freya - Uber (November 25 - December 22)

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I paired this gown up with an older hair from Doe. This gacha set includes 7 commons and 2 rares and can still be found at the main store location. It's absolutely lovely with it's wreath of holly headband. 

Hair: Doe - Holly Monotones

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Doe Holly Gacha Key

Gingerfish is at the annual Prism Events Tannenbaum with a brand new bento pose set. This set includes 5 poses plus mirrors and some are naughty and some are nice. These are a great set for holiday photos. 

Pose ♥new♥: GingerFish - Noel 3 - Tannenbaum (November 17 - December 22)

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Dogs: O.M.E.N. - Waiting for Santa Paws Santa's Helper and ReinDog Adult

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O.M.E.N. Waiting for Santa Paws Gacha Key

For full decor please visit It’s Okay to Decorate for Christmas Now.

Mrs. Klaus Closeup

Skin: TheSkinnery - Ivie Catwa Peach


Eyes ♥gift♥: Avi-Glam - Twinkle Eyes Christmas Gift 

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The Face has a couple of brand new appliers for Catwa available at the main store. This eyeshadow and lipstick set each 8 colors to choose from. BoM is included as well as the Catwa appliers.

Lipstick ♥new♥: The Face - Style Lipstick

Eyeshadow ♥new♥: The Face - Amourg Eyeshadow 

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Cae released this gorgeous necklace and earring set a couple of months ago but you can still find it at the main store for regular price. It includes a HUD with 6 metals, 15 gemstones, and 10 pearls.

Necklace: Cae - Ayla Collection 

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Eyebrows: Just Magnetized - Natural Eyebrows Set 01

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