It's Okay to Decorate for Christmas Now

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I miss the simplicity of the world as it was when I was a child. Holidays had they're own day or even month but not 3 or 4 months. October was Halloween month, November was Thanksgiving Month, and December was Christmas month. I remember the first time when I was working as a store manager that I got Christmas items in during August and it just disgusted me. Corporations and businesses have forgotten the meaning of the holidays. Black Friday has become a holiday all of its own, lasting for days and in some cases a whole month. Black Friday was never about competing for the lowest prices, a lot of people don't even remember why it started being called Black Friday. Black Friday was simply the day that most stores finally had a positive rather than a negative in profit. 

I wish I could go back to those simpler times, enjoying Halloween without Santa being shoved into your face. Joining the family for a great meal on Thanksgiving without Christmas carols being piped all over the world. Waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to put up the tree and decorations, listening to Christmas music and drinking egg nog. I really wish that people as a whole, would remember the meaning of the holidays and forget the gimmicks that have been forced down our throats. 

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Today I started decorating for Christmas, mostly cuz it's SL and the rules don't seem to apply here as they do in RL, but mostly because I'm not sure I'll have time to do much the rest of the day as I prepare the Thanksgiving meal for my family. I chose this cute little cabin from What Next as the base of my operations today. This is an older piece from What Next and can be found at the main store and MP locations. The entire build is only 32 LI and I decorated it with some Christmas lights from Action that I can't seem to find to purchase again, so I'm sorry for that. A plain and snowy version are included. 

House: What Next - Snowy Alpine Cabin

The Christmas baubles decorating around the house are an older release with a new texture set. Theses baubles from What Next has been updated for the 2019/2020 holiday season. Includes are Merry, Christmas, a gold, a silver, a Happy New Year and 2020 baubles. Each bauble has an LI of 1. 

Decorations: What Next - Oversized Baubles 

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Serenity Style is at Uber this month with this adorable vintage truck. This thing is so cute with doors that open and presents piled high on top. You could almost imagine Santa trading in his reindeer for this adorable truck. It has an LI of 33 and includes a decor and a drivable version. 

Car ♥new♥: Serenity Style - Holiday Car Decor - Uber (November 25 - December 22)

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This Santa and dog inflatable is just too cute and I couldn't resist adding them to my Christmas decorating. Available from Chez Moi at Whimsical you won't be sorry grabbing this adorable decoration. Santa has been treed and depantsed by the family dog and it will just make you laugh every time you see it. This piece has an LI of 3.

Inflatable ♥new♥: Chez Moi - Inflatable Santa The Dog - Whimsical (November 18 - December 18)

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Deer: Fawny - Winter Wonderland Resting Deer Decor 

(does not seem to be available any longer other than through gacha resellers)






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