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When I was a kid the kitchen was the control center of the home. All the fun things we did was centered on that room. Meals were made, games were played, the family gathered for gossip, and the kids had the unfortunate chore of cleanup. I wouldn't change a thing about how I grew up, it made me who I am today and I still believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

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Today I chose a kitchen set from IDEA, available at the brand new round of Flourish Sales Studio. Flourish is a monthly discount event with items new and old, released for an ultra-low price of 70-99L. This gorgeous set includes the cabinet set with stove, sink, and fridge. There is also a breakfast bar. It's a gorgeous set and perfect for starting the room where your memories will be made. There is also an optional accessories pack available. All pieces are sold separately.

Kitchen ♥sale♥: IDEA - Townhouse Kitchen and Breakfast Bar - Flourish Sales Studio (November 23 - December 15)

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I chose a bunch of cute, holiday-themed items from What Next. Most of them are older releases but are so cute I couldn't resist. The newest item I have is the adorable cookies and recipe book that was released for Fifty Linden Fridays a few weeks ago. This set includes 2 different plating options, two different rolling pin options, a framed recipe, a leaning framed recipe, and a cookbook with 3 recipe options for visual. It's absolutely adorable. The chocolate yule log on the opposite counter is just adorable and makes it look like I slaved all day in the kitchen. The wall decor is the last piece I have from What Next and it's an adorable collage. All pieces can be resized to fit your area. 

Cookbook Set: What Next - Illustrated Recipes Frames Gingerbread Baking 

Wall Decor: What Next - Calm Bright Wall Collage

Cake: What Next - Chocolate Yule Log

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I chose an old wall system from Kraftwork to build my kitchen with because frankly, these are my favorite walls. They come with a touch menu to change them to different textures and patterns. They're pretty awesome. 

Walls: KraftWork - Wall System Geometric

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Stools: Fancy Decor - Wire Stools

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