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Today I am really struggling with motivation. I have the pictures, I have the edits, and I just can't seem to get myself into the blog writing experience today. Have you ever traveled in November? I remember doing it all the time as a kid, going to visit family for the holidays or just to go to the next town for dinner. Either way, traveling in November can be a bit of a pain. It could be 20°F where you are and the next place you visit could be 75°F. How do you plan for this, what do you pack? Do you pack both your entire summer and winter wardrobe? Well, that makes for a lot of luggage. So when traveling in November, plan ahead...way ahead!

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Sad November is still going strong and you can get over there and pick up this amazing sweater dress from Vanilla Bae. This dress is available in both adult (with 7 strip options) or PG for us not so naughty girls. This dress is available in 24 solid colors or a fatpack, a 12 color pattern fatpack, and it is fit for Maitreya, Freya, Legacy, and Hourglass. This dress is gorgeous and totally worth adding to your closet.

Dress ♥new♥: Vanilla Bae - Vanessa Dress Freya - Sad November (November 6 - November 30)

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I paired this dress up with a brand new set of heels from Essenz, available at Kinky Event. These heels include stockings with a cute little bow. They are available in 26 colors broken up into mini packs or one fatpack. Each pack includes a HUD for the stockings and bow. They are fit for Maitreya, Freya, and Hourglass only. 

Shoes ♥new♥: Essenz - Anguilla Freya - Kinky Event (October 28 - November 22)

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This pose set is brand new from Image Essentials and includes 12 bento poses built into the luggage. This set is fantastic and completely prepares you for traveling in November. 

Pose ♥new♥: Image Essentials - Vintage Travel Pose 3 - TWE12VE (November 12 - November 30)

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I chose a brand new backdrop from Minimal, available at the current round of Uber. This set includes the train station, extension, and track. The train in the background is from another creator and not part of the set but was perfect for my vision.

Backdrop ♥new♥: Minimal - Oulbury Railway Station Scene - Uber (October 25 - November 22)

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Train: 3D Max - British Railways 

Foxy has this brand new hair, available starting today, at Kustom9. This hair is so cute and has a male counterpart available as well. This hair includes a style HUD that allows you to use the built-in mesh hairbase or turn it off, there is a bang and no bang option as well, and it is available in all standard color packs. The pack also includes a color HUD for the hat and patches in black or brown in various sayings. 

Hair ♥new♥: #Foxy - Nola Blond - Kustom9 (November 15 - December 10)

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Skin: Pink Fuel - Delina Biscuit Genus

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Makeup: The Face - Zuzy Makeup Palette Genus

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Eyes: Avi-Glam - Joy Genus

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Bliensen+Maitai has released this lovely acorn necklace for The Liaison Collaborative. This beautiful necklace has two pairs of complementary earrings sold separately and not pictured. The necklace is unrigged and comes in 7 different metal/color options.

Necklace ♥new♥: Bliesen + Maitai - Squirrel's Delight Pearl/Silver - The Liaison Collaborative (November 3 - November 26)

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