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I think I mentioned that the older I get the more I enjoy autumn but I just wish that we had autumn here in Idaho. This past week has been frigid as an arctic storm moved through the upper northwest corner of the United States. Mother Nature decided that she was going to skip November and December completely and move on into January with no foreplay. We've hit negative temperatures far earlier than we should have so any of the gorgeous autumn colors we had are long gone. I would like to have autumn around for more than a minute but I guess we'll see that in my dream and SL only.

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Serenity Style is at the brand new round of The Liaison Collaborative starting today at 3pm SLT. This set includes the building, clothing line and pole, and an old wagon wheel. The entire set up is only 13 LI and the door opens. This would be the perfect to store your summer gardening tools or just about anything else during the cold winter months to come. 

Building ♥new♥: Serenity Style - Lex Autumn Outhouse - The Liaison Collaborative (November 3 - November 26)

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I chose to include the new porch façade from Sway's also available at The Liaison Collaborative this month. Fully rezzed with the bench and bushel of apples, this set has an LI of 27. There are 3 porch options to choose from and the bench, a bushel of apples, and window box is all included in this pack. The bench includes animations for singles or couples. This whole set is a great build and totally worth having in your inventory. 

Porch ♥new♥: Sway's - Lukas Autumn Porch - The Liaison Collaborative (November 3 - November 26)

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The final piece of my idyllic scene is this firepit from What Next. This firepit and log pile are a previous release and can be found at the main store. This set has an LI of 3 and you can turn the lights down, smoke off, and sound off. It's a really fabulous firepit and totally made me ready for autumn weather.

Firepit: What Next - Bellevie Fire Pit 

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