Autumn Feelings

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The older I get the more autumn becomes one of my more desired seasons. Summer is just too hot, winter is bitterly cold, I love the rebirth of spring, and watching the leaves change colors in autumn is just spectacular. I wish in Idaho where I live, that autumn lasted for more than a day or two before the blustery cold of winter reached its icy fingers on us, but oh well, we can't have everything, can we?

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It's been a minute since I've done a decor only blog but when I saw this set from Chez Moi, available at Tres Chic I just had to share it. This set comes in adult or PG versions, includes the fireplace, sofa, chair and ottoman. They are all copiable so you can rez as many or as few pieces you need. As far as LI the fireplace has 10, sofa 6, the chair 4, and the ottoman 2. This set includes a fireplace HUD with 4 stone/brick options. The seats HUD includes 17 textures for the sofa, 16 textures for the chairs, and 13 textures each for the ottoman and pillows. This set is fantastic and would make your autumn garden that much better. 

Furniture ♥new♥: Chez Moi - Auster Patio Set and Fireplace - Tres Chic (October 17 - October 10)

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The string lights are from What Next and are an older item but added to the ambiance of my scene so perfectly. This light string set comes in two light bulb colors and two wood frame colors. There is a 1 pole, 2 pole, no pole, and longer option in each pack.

Lights ♥new♥: What Next - Bellevie String Lights White 

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Foliage: Little Branch - Wild Birch

Bur Oak

Animated Mesh Grass

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