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I have to admit when I was younger and first learned that my English class was going to read Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked this way Comes" I wasn't overly thrilled. After reading the book though, it became one of my all-time favorite novels and I'm thankful that my teacher made us read it. I don't get to read like I used to but while my computer was down I did sit and read a book, I had forgotten how much I enjoy the simple act, so maybe I'll make a habit of doing it more frequently. We'll see. 

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I was so excited when I opened the latest blogger box from ZK Store for The Liaison Collaborative. She now includes Freya and Legacy sizes along with Maitreya. I love ZK Styles but I hated having to swap over to my Maitreya body to blog it and now I don't have to. This corset and pants set are phenomenal. This set is sold separately in 8 colors for the corset and pants. Purchase the fatpack of each and you'll get 22 colors for the corset, lace, and pants. There is also a style HUD for the corset with 5 options and 4 metal textures. This set really is great and so much fun, not just for Halloween. 

Outfit ♥new♥: Zk Store - Marquesia Corset and Pants Fatpack Freya - The Liaison Collaborative (October 3 - October 26)

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Pose Fair is coming October 19 and KoKoLoReS has this awesome bento pose set with props. This set includes 4 poses plus mirrors, a candle HUD with 3 color options, and the poses boxed separately if you don't wish to use the attachments. This set is great and totally inspired the rest of this blog.

Pose ♥new♥: Kokolores - Follow the Witch 04 - Pose Fair (October 19 - November 10)

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I chose a brand new gacha set from Serenity Style for my backdrop. This set just reminded me of an old, rundown church ruin and was perfect for my witchery. This set includes 1 rare and 8 commons. 

Decor ♥new♥: Serenity Style - Soul Whispers Gacha - The Liaison Collaborative (October 3 - October 26)

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Serenity Style Soul Whispers Gacha Key

Juna Artistic Tattoo has this fabulous new tattoo available for The Liaison Collaborative. The set includes a multi-HUD with appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Signature, EVE, Altamura, and Omega. It also includes separate appliers for Legacy, Slink, and Vista Bento Hands. There are 4 intensities for this tattoo. 

Tattoo ♥new♥: Juna - Monica Belleza - The Liaison Collaborative (October 3 - October 26)

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SlackGirl is also back at The Liaison Collaborative with these fabulous heels. These heels are fit for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, and Slink. The included HUD has 11 main shoe colors and 4 accent colors. 

Shoes ♥new♥: SlackGirl - Heide Shoes Belleza - The Liaison Collaborative (October 3 - October 26)

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I wanted to show a closeup of this hair because of the hair ornament included. This hair from Escalated comes in 2 versions each with mirrored versions. The included style HUD allows you to add or remove the fringes you want and also allows you to change the color of the skulls and roses. This hair comes in all available packs as well as the LE mini packs that are only available during the duration of the event. 

Hair ♥new♥: EscalateD - Jocasta Bonus MultiHUD - The Dark Style Fair (October 6 - October 31)

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Skin: Glam Affair - Vivian Genus Tone 006

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UniCult has this super creepy eye and makeup applier that I JUST HAD to share. This makeup applier comes with Catwa, Genus, and Omega appliers and the eyes come with Catwa or Omega as well as UniCult's own mesh eyes. This set is awesome and creepy and I just love it. 

Eyes and Makeup ♥new♥: UniCult - Fractured - The Dark Style Fair (October 6 - October 31)

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The White Crow is a brand I haven't heard of before nor had the pleasure of blogging but I am glad that I have this opportunity to share with you this awesome piercing set. This set includes bridge, septum, forehead and tear piercings. It also includes bite makeup which is not pictured. The bite makeup and tattoos are Omega so as long as you have an Omega friendly head and body you can use them. The piercings are unrigged and include gold, silver, or gold and silver. 

Piercings ♥new♥: The White Crow - Thirst Bridge and Septum - The Dark Style Fair (October 6 - October 31)

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Another creator I haven't had the pleasure of knowing before is Andore. These ears are pretty cool. The included HUD has 20 preset skin tones, one of which matched my Glam Affair skin almost spot on, the ability to turn pores on and off, glam skin, oily skin, and shine on and off. The earrings each have their own metal picker with 6 options and 10 gemstone options. These ears are really nice. 

Ears ♥new♥: Andore - Berkana Mesh Ears - The Dark Style Fair (October 6 - October 31)

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It seems weird to blog a designer two days in a row but when they are involved in two events that you're blogging for it's not unheard of. Rainbow Sundae has a brand new face tattoo and brow applier for The Dark Style Fair. This set includes BoM and Omega appliers. They come in black or white with a bunch of options on how to wear them. They are pretty cool and a lot of fun.

Brow and Tattoo ♥new♥: Rainbow Sundae - Moonchild Omega - The Dark Style Fair (October 6 - October 31)

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