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I don't typically start a month out with blogging products from groups that I don't officially cover but I was supposed to do this blog yesterday and totally got sidetracked. Most of you know by now that I am doing WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and when I did my weigh-in yesterday morning, the final one for the month of September, I had lost a total of 17.6 lbs of which 11.4 of that was in September alone. They do challenges every month and I inadvertently CRUSHED the September challenge of a 3% weight loss by losing just over 4.4%. I am kind of stoked and so instead of blogging, I started preparing for October's 3% challenge. That is my excuse for not getting this blog written yesterday but today is officially Halloween month so it still works. 

Killer Queen 1024Salem is now open and Decoy has this awesome dress available during the event. This dress is fit for Freya, Legacy, and Maitreya. It includes a bloody and non-bloody version in each pack. The included HUD will customize the top, belt, and collar with the option of 18 colors. This dress is available in the same 18 colors or a fatpack.

Dress ♥new♥: Decoy - Horrorz Dress Blue Bloody Freya - Salem (September 29 - October 31)

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I paired this dress up with a pose from GingerFish also available at Salem. This bento pose set includes 6 poses plus knife prop. It's scary and kind of fun at the same time. 

Pose ♥new♥: GingerFish - She's a Killer - Salem (September 29 - October 31)

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Lootbox is also open and Doe has this fun hair available in two versions; spiders and no spiders. This is a fitted mesh hair and can't be resized but you have the chance to win it in 14 commons and 2 rares. 

Hair ♥new♥: Doe - Tingle Spiders Lootbox 2 Rare - LootBox (September 20 - October 19)

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Backdrop: Astralia - Horrorfest Backdrops Psychiatric Hospital

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Killer Queen CloseupThese eyes are the actual reason I went to Lootbox and found the Doe hair. These eyes can be played for in mesh, Catwa, Genus, or Omega and include 12 commons and 1 rare for each. The rare Lootbox includes 3 colors of eyes and 2 mystery prizes. I didn't win the rare but I bet they are amazing. 

Eyes ♥new♥: Avi-Glam - Coldheart Eyes 08 Omega - LootBox (September 20 - October 19)

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Nails: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Bloody Murder Omega 

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Skin: Pink Fuel - Delina Genus Ivory

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Tattoo: PP - Blood Splatter Body and Head Tattoo Omega 


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