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I started blogging somewhere in the vicinity of 4 years ago, it might even be five now. In that time I have been married in RL, separated, changed jobs trying to find the one that will suit me the best and found love again. The one constant in my life has been my blog. I have reached some of my goals of blogging for brands that I yearned for desperately. I have left many brands that I thought would be better off without me. There are so many more goals I have, so many more things I want to do with my blog and I know that someday I will.

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Today I wanted to create a serene scene, one in which you can imagine reading the paper, or a blog, and drink your coffee. I had help from some of the most amazing decor creators in SL. This table set is from Chez Moi and can be found at the main store. This set includes the table, chairs, coffee cups and plates, glasses, earbuds, newspaper, and flowers. This entire set when fully rezzed is a total of 10 LI. It's fabulous and perfect for sitting at your breakfast nook or on your patio.

Table Set: Chez Moi - Sunset Bistro Set

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I paired this up with an older set from Pan. This wooden spoon and fork, sideboard, hutch, side table, plates, cups, and biscuit tin are all part of one set. When fully rezzed out this set has a total LI of and it's great for creating a weathered look in your kitchen.

Weathered Set: Pan - Weathered Kitchen Hutch Set 

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What Next provided the appliances in this scene. They were made for this past week's Fifty Linden Friday sale and sadly are no longer on sale but you can still pick them up. This set includes mixer, coffeemaker, teapot, and toaster. Each has a texturing script built-in with 12 color options. Each piece has an LI of 1 and the toaster can have the toast or not. There is also a dispenser for the coffee maker and tea kettle included as well as decor only pieces. 

Appliances ♥new♥: What Next - Kitchenette Mixer

Kitchenette Tea Kettle

Kitchenette Coffee Maker 

Kitchenette Toaster

Plants: - Pothos Plant Trailing

Swiss Cheese Plant

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Clock: Basil - Kitten Kitchen Clutter White Clock Decor Common

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Bird Decor: Artisan Fantasy - Origami Dove Music 

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House: Minimal - White Apartment

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