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We've all had a layover in our time but I'm going to tell you about the worst layover experience I ever had. I was 4 weeks pregnant with my oldest daughter, 21-years-old and my roommate told me I was going to have to leave, the father wanted nothing to do with either of us, and my dad and stepmother told me they were moving to Indiana and I wasn't welcome to come. So here I was, a frightened kid essentially, with no idea what I was going to do. My dad bought me a bus ticket, he wouldn't even spring for a plane ticket and gave me $20 to use on a 2-day bus trip.

I boarded the bus heading from Houston, TX to Idaho Falls, ID and settled in, not knowing what to expect. The first part of the trip was pretty uneventful but by the time the bus made it to Denver, CO I was tired, in need of a shower and I found myself with $2 to my name. I grabbed a cup of soup and found a spot to sit. This layover lasted for 3 hours and I was broke, in an unfamiliar place, and I was too scared to sleep. Finally, the two days were up and I made it home, my mom was there to pick me up, and we went to get my luggage. Somewhere on this long journey, they had lost my luggage and at this point, I burst into tears. All I wanted was a hot shower and to sleep and it didn't seem that was going to happen any time soon. Well, we went home and I borrowed clothes from my mom, showered, and promptly fell into bed to sleep for the next 10 hours. So, needless to say, I'm not to keen on taking a long bus trip again, ever.

Today's layover is brought to you by Justice and Just Because. Justice released this beautiful halter top some time ago and since I'm new to blogging for them officially I get to play a little with the older stuff, that's one of the joys of getting requirements completed early. This top is fit for Maitreya, all 3 Belleza, and both Slink bodies. This top comes in 42 individual colors or a fatpack, each pack includes a metal HUD with 6 options. The arm cuffs on this top can be toggled on and off for a new look each time.

TopJustice - Coco Halter Freya

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I paired this top up with a newer pair of pants from Just Because. This main store release includes sizes for Maitreya, Freya, Isis, and both Slink bodies. These pants are available in 26 colors each with a belt HUD containing all 26 colors. Grab the fatpack and get them all.

PantsJust Because - Joy Pants Freya

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Essenz released a brand new group gift and they are so cute. This fatpack of shoes is fit for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza and includes a fatpack HUD with 26 colors for the shoes and 26 colors for the heart. These shoes are so much fun I just had to share them. There is a one time group join fee of L$350 but you get access to all kinds of fun stuff.

Shoes ♥gift♥Essenz - Rennes Belleza

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If you haven't made it yet the Hair Fair is still happening and you can grab this beautiful hair from enVOGUE. This hair comes in all standard color packs and includes both a materials and non-materials option. It's just a beautiful creation and completely what you expect from enVOGUE.

Hair ♥new♥enVOGUE - Adamaris Diversity -

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PoseBellePoses - Suitcase 3 Gacha

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BellePoses Suitcase Gacha Key

SkinPink Fuel - Elliana LOGO Vanilla

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BackdropKraftWork - Trams of Old London Backdrop

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