Valentine's Day Should be Everyday

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Okay, so I know Valentine's Day is a very distant memory or a very future thought but I wanted to tell you my thoughts today on Valentine's Day. So, Valentine's Day is all well and good but I believe that you should make every day special. You shouldn't spend enormous amounts of money on one day of the year to prove how much you love someone, but you should do small things, not necessarily gifts but acts of kindness to show those you love what they mean to you. Cooking dinner, doing the laundry, watching their favorite TV program or movie, little things mean so much more than a fancy night out on the town and 1500 lbs of candy. Flowers die, candy gets eaten, and a night out becomes a memory. Doing small things every day though stick in the minds of those you love and help them remember why they fell in love with you in the first place. 

This pose from Hazeel is what inspired my thoughts on Valentine's Day. This pose is fun and comes with the balloons in 3 colors. It is a bento pose and may require some adjustment on your part to fit properly. It is really well made and can be found at the main store and MP locations. 

PoseHazeel Poses - Waiting for my Valentine 

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I chose a hair from Wasabi available at Hair Fair 2019. This hair comes with a size HUD to choose from a smaller and larger head size. This set also includes a headband HUD, hair ties HUD, and comes in all standard color packs or a fatpack. As with all Hair Fair hairs, a portion of the proceeds will go to fund Wigs for Kids. 

Hair ♥new♥Wasabi - Alex Mesh Hair Blonds - Hair Fair 2019 Blonde Sim (August 17 - September 1)

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Calling all Blueberries! Did you know that Blueberry gives free gifts? Well, if you didn't you do now and have you been living under a rock? Well, this new gift includes a top and skirt with a full HUD. The HUD contains 37 colors for the belt and top, 10 metals, 16 patterns, and 20 denim colors. There are panties and they can be toggled off if you like. The belt can also be toggled off. This set is fit for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy, Maitreya, Physique, and Venus. Best of all this is FREE! The group is free, the gifts are free, there is nothing to lose!

Outfit ♥gift♥Blueberry - Tank Top and Denim Skirt Group Gift 

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Essenz released these beautiful shoes for The Epiphany. The Epiphany may be over but you can still head to the main store and play this gacha machine. 18 individual colors can be yours to win with the black and white being rare. These shoes are fit for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink only.

ShoesEssenz - Geneva Belleza 

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Essenz Gacha Key

Skin ♥new♥Pink Fuel - Delina Genus Biscuit - Belle Event (August 6 - September 3)

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BackdropFoxcity - Old Town Blush 

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