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I went to the blogger early access today at Hair Fair 2019. There are some really great hairs to pick up and, of course, a portion of all sales go to help fund Wigs for Kids. It's a great event and a great cause. I'm not blogging one of those hairs I picked up today because I already had my photo done and ready to go but I wanted to remind everyone that you can join the FREE Hair Fair Demo group and pick up the demos before heading to the event and purchasing them. To learn more about Hair Fair 2019 and the demo group please visit the official website.

I chose an older hair from Runaway to feature today with this uber cute dress from Justice. This dress is fit for Maitreya, all 3 Belleza, and both Slink bodies. It comes in 20 colors or a fatpack and includes a 20 color button HUD and panties HUD with each color. This dress and hair went so well together.

Dress ♥new♥Justice - Sophia Dress Freya Fatpack - Tres Chic (August 17 - September 10)

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HairRunAway Hair - Harajuku Ombres

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The Liaison Collaborative is still going strong and you can head over and grab this pose from Fanxy Store. This pose set is made for two people but it's pretty difficult for me to log in another avi to make a photo. The cost of a new look, running my avis in tandem, etc. So, I used the female 2 pose in this set and made the other pose ball invisible. I did have to adjust my hand out of my face a tiny bit using Animare but it wasn't enough to change how the pose looks too much, I just have a lot longer arms than are intended for this pose. Instead of using the included Dango props I chose to use one of the Festival Dangos from MUSU. The MUSU set includes 5 different Dangos each with a holdable and decor version. I chose the decor version because I didn't want the animation in the Dango to override my pose.

Pose ♥new♥: Fanxy Store - Street Food Girls Bento Pose - The Liaison Collaborative (August 3 - August 26)

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Prop ♥new♥: MUSU - Festival Dango Choco Decor - The Liaison Collaborative (August 3 - August 26)

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Skin ♥new♥Pink Fuel - Delina Peach Genus - Belle Event (August 6 - September 3)

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BackdropPaparazzi - Metropolis Bridge

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