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Tonight my puppers and I decided to have a cozy night in our Tiny Apartment. You can see the full decor credits in that link. Sometimes you just need to put the comfy jammies on, wrap up in a blanket, and vegetate on the television. I've been so tired lately that even that seems like too much work. I made a difficult decision though to cut back how much I'm working. My mom needs me home more and I'm definitely no spring chicken as she so eloquently put it.

MuggleBorn released this outfit as two pieces for the recent MadPea's Pet Friends Fair. I wasn't able to get to it during the event time but that means you can head to the main store and grab them now. This set is sold separately and is fit for Ebody Curvy, Freya, Hourglass, Katena Reg, and Maitreya. Hourglass Petite and Maitreya V-Tech are included in the hoddie sizes only. The hoodie and pants both come with a style HUD to give those that wish to show off their package. This set is sold in 9 palette options or a fatpack, the fatpack includes the Ultimate HUD that allows you to choose your own colors.

HoodieMuggleBorn - Kitty Hoody Maitreya

PantsMuggleBorn - Katie Jodpus Maitreya

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Eudora3D is at Flourish Sales Studio with the gorgeous sandals. Fit for Maitreya only (and now you know why I dusted Lara off), these sandals are available in 3 packs of 12 colors each, all packs have a metal HUD with 4 colors. They are super cute and I just had to share them.

Shoes ♥new♥: Eudora3D - Charro Flats Maitreya - Flourish Sales Studio (August 10 - September 4)

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I popped over to the Magika store to see what was new and I found Lucy. This hair is so cute and I thought it made me look younger. This hair comes with the new texture HUD that contains 203 colors. There is also customize tab to resize unrigged styles, turn on full bright, materials, and glow effects. You can also tint your hair to whatever color you'd like. I just love Magika, she's always had some of my favorite texture colors and the fact that you get them all for one low price is just a big selling point for me.

HairMagika - Lucy

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My little doggy is from Jian. One of the Cheeky Chihuahuas this set includes 2 rare and 12 commons. This rare includes a texture change for the pooch and the blanket, he's so cute I just had to have him watching movies with me.

PoochJian - Cheeky Chihuahuas Rare Comfy Blanket

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Jian Cheeky Chihuahuas Gacha Key

SkinTheSkinnery - Kae Lelutka Honey


Lyrium is also at Flourish with this brand new pose set. This bento pose set includes 5 poses plus mirrors and includes a pose stand and HUD. They are well made but because they are bento they may require you to change some sliders on your body to fit them properly.

Pose ♥new♥Lyrium - Jasmine 5M - Flourish Sales Studio (August 10 - September 4)

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For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.