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When I was in the 4th grade we moved in with my aunt and uncle in Washington state. I went to elementary school there and it was a whole new experience for me. For one, we got to eat our lunches in the classroom, we went down to the gym, got our lunch and went back to our respective rooms. I had never heard of such a thing. My teacher was pretty cool, I can't remember her name now but I do have the class photo from that year and I could find out, but it's not important.

That Christmas she gave all the kids in our class a gift. Small, rectangular packages were stored under the tree and we could each choose one. I knew they were books and since I love books I was very excited to get my gift. I carefully looked through the pile and selected one that the wrapping paper appealed to me. Once everyone had chosen their gift we could open them. I tore open the paper and discovered The Secret Garden lying inside. I've read that book a dozen times now, not that copy since it's been lost over the years but that story is by far one of my favorites. My oldest daughter has read that book over and over as well, it is something that we both love and can share with one another. I have my 4th-grade teacher to thank for introducing me to a new world.

My secret garden has a beautiful fountain from TLC Home Collection. This fountain is available at Flourish Sales Studio and includes two versions of collared doves. Rezzed out this way the fountain and dove have an LI of 9. Flourish Sales Studio is all about revamping something old and making it new again, reducing the price and bringing it to the residents of Second Life. This fountain was the perfect way for me to start building my garden. 

Fountain and Dove ♥new♥TLC Home Collection - Doves with Wall Fountain Dove Texture Version A - Flourish Sales Studio (August 10 - September 4)

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I needed a quiet spot to sit, read, and reflect so I chose this new patio set from Chez Moi. This set is available at The Liaison Collaborative and includes a HUD that has 12 color options for the umbrella and cushions. This set is PG and also includes the little pot of flowers on the table. The lights on the umbrella are lit and do not turn off. This set is beautiful and I can just imagine sipping ice tea and reading with nothing but the sound of birds around me. 

Table Set ♥new♥Chez Moi - Carolina Wooden Patio Set - The Liaison Collaborative (August 3 - August 26)

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Trees, Flowers, and GrassLittle Branch - Bur Oak 4 Seasons Animated 2 LI

Yellow Orchid Tree Animated Seasons

Catalpa Tree Animated 4 Seasons

Grass V4 Animated Mesh Low LI

Tulip Field 2 LI Animated 

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I built the garden wall using a free texture from Sketch Up Texture Club.