Tiny Apartment

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My very first apartment was super tiny. It was a studio apartment and when you walked through the front door immediately to your right was the bathroom. The bathroom contained nothing but a shower and toilet, to wash your hands you had to use the kitchen. The kitchen contained a stove, fridge, and sink, the rest of the apartment was the bedroom and a fairly large closet. It was furnished and had a bed, nightstand, and a table/desk. My brother and I had been living together in a small, fifth-wheel trailer up until that point and at 19 and 17 all we did was fight, so my stepdad gave me the money to find an apartment and that was what was in my budget. That was also the last time I had had to work to jobs to make ends meet. Seems I've come full circle but now my tiny apartment is two rooms in the basement of my mom's home and it's a little roomier for me. 

My tiny apartment today is comprised of this lovely piece from Serenity Style available at Uber this month. This set includes the bed on a raised platform with stairs and is available in adult or PG versions. The stairs include the books and decor built into them, the hanger and book with water picture and cup are separate pieces that you can add anywhere. I built the walls and floor using free textures from Sketch Up Texture Club. If my apartment had looked like this when I was 19 I might have lived there longer. 

Bed and Decor Set ♥new♥Serenity Style - The Refuge Fatpack - Uber (July 25 - August 22)

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The chair and side table pieces are from Chez Moi and were released some time ago but you can still find them at the main store and MP locations. These chairs come in adult or PG versions and include a HUD with 5 color options. The table and succulent are included in the pack as well. The chair and succulent have an LI of 2 and the table has an LI of 1. 

Chair DecorChez Moi - Miami Patio Set PG 

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What Next released these shelves and coffee table for a Fifty Linden Friday a few weeks ago and although they are no longer on sale they are totally worth grabbing. The shelves come in two versions, large and small, as well as decorated and plain. The texture menu gives you 4 theme options as well as 4 wood options for the frame and shelf. The table includes the coffee tray with flower and the decor is included separately to create your own look.

ShelvesWhat Next - Bailey Picture Shelf Large and Small

TableWhat Next - Bailey Coffee Table with Decor 

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So do you think you'd be happy living in this little apartment? I think I could.