Danni's Dream ~ Wildflower

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“Wildflowers aren't meant to be cut tamed. They're meant to be loved admired.” 
― Anthony T. Hincks

I love wildflowers, some people call them weeds but there is something truly beautiful about a tiny flower that can come back year after year. You can pull them up by the root and they will still thrive. I would like to think I am like a wildflower, tough to break and I'll thrive.

ChicModa is at the brand new round of Belle Event with this crop top. This top is fit for Maitreya and Hourglass only and comes in 7 colors and patterns. Each top includes a plain version as well as 6 different versions, each version is sold separately, as a mini pack of color, or an all pack. This top shows just the right amount of underboob and is sexy and sweet all at the same time.
Top ♥new♥ChicModa - Sadystika Crop Top Hourglass All Pack - Belle Event (August 6 - September 3)
I paired this up with an older pair of jeans from Vanilla Bae. These jeans are fit for Katena, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique. They come in 15 colors and do include a 3 step strip for naughtier pics. 
JeansVanilla Bae - Nora Jeans 
Essenz is also at Belle Event with these gorgeous new heels. They come in a total of 26 colors split up into mini packs or sold as a fatpack. They are fit for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink and include a metal and sole HUD. 
Shoes ♥new♥Essenz - Mesa Slink - Belle Event (August 6 - September 3)
Fabia has this brand new hair available at Shiny Shabby. This hair comes in all standard color packs and includes a style HUD. It's a very pretty hair and I just had to have it.
Hair ♥new♥Fabia - Tiffany Blond - Shiny Shabby (July 20 - August 15)
Minimal has a brand new group gift out for it's VIP members. This gift includes the stairs and flowers, there are two versions; one with Minimal spelled out and one with no letters. 
Backdrop ♥gift♥Minimal - August Group Gift 
PosePurple Poses - Susanna 04 
Shiny Stuffs is at The Liaison Collaborative with brand new lashes and lipstick set for Genus. The lashes include 10 versions with thick and thin options. I chose the one with jewels and you must go in and remove the black tint from the lashes via the Genus HUD. The lipstick includes 44 shades. These are both amazing and you should totally go grab them if you are a Genus lover like I am.
Lashes ♥new♥Shiny Stuffs - Lashify - The Liaison Collaborative (August 3 - August 26)
Lipstick ♥new♥Shiny Stuffs - Tease - The Liaison Collaborative (August 3 - August 26)
EyesAvi-Glam - Crystal Eyes Steel Genus Applier 
For a full review of this skin from Pink Fuel please visit Hot Summer Nights
SkinPink Fuel - Delina Vanilla Genus with eyeshadow (tintable) 
Cae released this collar a couple of months ago and I didn't really have anything I could pair it with until now. This color includes a HUD with 4 metals for the collar and bell and 15 gemstone options. It comes unscripted or with Peanut collar scripting. A resize script is built into the collar. 
CollarCae - Kitten Collar