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Sometimes I like doing a simple decor photo. Honestly, they are far easier to blog, not nearly the same amount of information has to be included. It takes less time to write them but often times it takes more time to prepare them. I'm not really sure which I prefer more, decor or fashion because I have an equal love/hate relationship with them both.

For my simple decor scene today, I chose a backdrop from The Bearded Guy. This set was released in June for Sense Event and includes 5 commons and 1 rare. The colors on this backdrop are bright and vibrant and this was just perfect for the scene I wished to create. As of the writing of this blog, I couldn't find the gacha machine at the main store but it should be there soon.

BackdropThe Bearded Guy - Hurt Me So Good Backdrops Breathe Away Common

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The Bearded Guy Hurt Me So Good Backdrop Gacha Key

ChicModa has a new release in the decor portion of her store. These new mats will make anyone think twice about knocking on your door. This doormat set includes 8 offensive sayings that you can purchase separately or as a fatpack. I have to admit, I would really like some of these in RL.

Doormat ♥new♥ChicModa - Offensive Doormats Adios Bitchachos

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What Next released this awesome bar set some time ago but you can always find it at the main store and MP locations. This set comes with a bar and coffee set up. They are in your inventory as one piece so you can easily rez and move the setup to fit your needs. Don't want all the stuff or want more stuff? There is an extra box included with all the pieces to build to your liking.

BarWhat Next - Palisades Bar, Stools, and Decor Set

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