[LVL9] Songbird

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Coming to Engine Room March 2022



Whew, we put alot of work into this one, I hope you guys like ♥

The songbird is an aetherpunk styled monowheel vehicle.
The vehicle comes in 5 animesh sizes and with male and female animations to try and be as accommodating as we can reasonably make it.
Can be either rezzed, or worn as an attachment, the controls remain the same in both methods but the functionality does differ slightly.


W/D: Drive forward/backwards
A/D: Turn left/right
W+S+A/D: Drift (while in high speed)
E: High Speed
C: Low Speed
C (Hold, while reversing): Rear camera
E+C (Hold, while stationary): Loop

Touching the Songbird will open a pop up menu for adjustments, the options are as follows:

Lock - Locks the vehicle to group (Vehicle is locked by default)
Set Group - Assigns the usability to the group the owner currently has active
Pose Mode - Non vehicle mode, while active you can play animations in a static position (for photography)
Anims - Switch between M and F animations, sometimes you may wish to use the opposite animations to adjust shoulder width to help adapt to the animesh size as we currently cannot resize the monowheel itself
Textures - Includes 6 metal textures for the vehicle, and 6 options for the FX
Volume - Adjusts volume
Cam - Switch between a centred or offset camera
Adjust - Adjusts your seated position on the vehicle

Songbird Concept