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I have a lot of things on my mind but I really don't have the words to express them right now. Which is both good and bad I suppose. My blogs are short and sweet but they are very short. 

I am going to start with this outfit from Justice. This set is sold separately as a dress, boots, and jewelry. The dress and boots are fit for Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, and Physique only. There are 20 single colors, 10 fun pack options, and 5 ombre options. The chain has 10 metal options and the panties have 20 with a hide option. The boots have 20 leather options, 20 base options, and alpha options for the chains. The jewelry is unrigged and has 10 metal options. 

Outfit: Justice - Janis Outfit Dress, Boots, Jewelry Legacy Fatpack 

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This hair from Wasabi Pills is available at Uber this month and I just love the two pigtails. It is available in all standard colors or a fatpack and includes a style/size HUD. 

Hair ♥new♥: Wasabi - Shana Reds - Uber (April 25 - May 22)

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This pose set from Diversion is older and can be found at the main store and MP. This set includes 7 bento poses plus mirrors. A posestand is included in the fatpack purchase. There is also a backdrop made to go with this set and it is sold separately.

Pose: Diversion - Step by Step 3M

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Backdrop: Paleto - LMP-78 

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