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You know, I frequently hear the question "how do you take on so many sponsors?". Not just for me personally but as a general question to the blogging community of SL. For me, I am just extremely organized, between Blogotex, spreadsheets, and my insatiable love of blogging, numerous requirements are not a challenge for me. I am very good at taking items from multiple groups and creating a fluid post. I have been doing this for 6 and a half years too, so that might have something to do with it.

Kaithleen's is at Whore Couture Fair: Porn Edition with this sexy, barely-there outfit. The top and panties are a set, they are fit for eBody Curvy, Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy (Perky), and Maitreya (Petite). It is available in 20 colors or as a fatpack.

Outfit ♥new♥: Kaithleen's - Torn Off Shirt and Barely Thong - Whore Couture Fair: Porn Edition (March 1 - March 31)


I haven't heard of this next brand before but I really kind of like these shoes. Also at WCF, these shoes are fit for Kupra, Maitreya, Legacy, and Slink only. The HUD includes 3 metals, 4 pearls, 7 gemstones, and 2 sole textures. They are sold in 14 colors or as a fatpack.

Shoes ♥new♥Leaf - Barbara Shoes Legacy Fatpack - Whore Couture Fair: Porn Edition (March 1 - March 31)

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Dictatorshop and Dark Secrets are both at WCF and they helped me out with my scene today. This bed from Dictatorshop is available in 3 versions; adult kink, vanilla, and PG. There are 6 preset texture combinations or make up your own bed with 10 frame textures, 10 gradients, 10 linens, or 4 rose patterns for the comforter and pillows. There are optional drapes as well.

Bed ♥new♥Dictatorshop - Valentine Bed Adult Kink - Whore Couture Fair: Porn Edition (March 1 - March 31)

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This cabinet from Dark Secrets holds just about anything you can think of for a kinky night in. Shelves, baskets, and boxes hold secrets only you know of.

Cabinet ♥new♥: Dark Secrets - BDSM Cabinet Dark - Whore Couture Fair: Porn Edition (March 1 - March 31)

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Pose Fair opens in just a few days and you can grab this sexy pose from Poses by Dean Bourne when it opens. This is a single pose with no mirror. It is bento and only one of the 12 new poses coming to Pose Fair.

Pose ♥new♥Poses by Dean Bourne - Serenity - Pose Fair (March 7 - March 28)

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Doux is at Tres Chic with this adorable new hair. With four sizes included, each with a breast option, plus a full-color HUD this hair is to die for. As usual, the deluxe pack includes add-ons and style HUD.

Hair ♥new♥: DOUX - Cookie Hair Basic and Deluxe Pack - Tres Chic (February 17 - March 10)

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