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As the cab pulled up in front of her apartment, she quickly approved the payment adding a tip on her phone. Grumbling a soft thank you to the cab driver she quickly exited the cab, anxious to be in the safety of her own hermit apartment. She stumbled into her apartment, pulling her pigtails out of their ties and throwing her hair into a messy bun. She quickly stripped out of her clubbing outfit. Sliding on to the bed in nothing but her lingerie, her mind turned to the loneliness inside her. 

She hadn't always been this hermit she had now become, she'd had friends, a social life, but her past just kept her from enjoying the simple things as she once had. Sighing, she laid back, closing her eye, and hoping that the act would shut her brain down as well. She settled into a relatively comfortable position, her pillow cradled in her arms like a lover, and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

Justice is at FaMESHed X with this gorgeous new lingerie collection, including bra, panties, and garter. This set is fit for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya (Petite), and Legacy only. This set is available in 20 colors, each with a HUD for straps and garter in 20 colors, and 10 metals options. There is a fun print pack with 20 options and 10 metallic dots on black, the fatpack includes all the options.

Lingerie ♥new♥: Justice - Dita Lingerie Legacy Fatpack - FaMESHed X (February 10 - March 6)

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This pose set from Diversion can be found at Shiny Shabby, it includes the bed with 7 bento poses built-in. There are no mirrors for this set. I just love everything about this set and I'm so glad it worked so perfectly with this lingerie. Like it was meant to be.

Pose ♥new♥: Diversion - Serenity Poses 6 - Shiny Shabby (February 20 - March 15)  

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This backdrop from The Bearded Guy can be found at Fetish Fair as part of the Horny Paradise gacha set. This set includes 5 commons and one rare to win.

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy - Horny Paradise Gacha Fuck Me Softly Common - Fetish Fair (February 13 - February 27)

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The Bearded Guy Horny Paradise Gacha Key

Juna Artistic Tattoo is back at Vanity with this gorgeous new tattoo. This tattoo is BoM and omega only. This set includes 4 intensities. 

Tattoo  ♥new♥: Juna Artistic Tattoo - Nahesa Tattoo Medium Classic Avatar BoM - Vanity Event (February 4 - February 28)

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Hair: Truth - Elixir Fatpack Reds 

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