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She slammed the door open, grimacing at the sight before her. This was probably the most disgusting bathroom she'd ever been in before. Sliding a cigarette from the pack, flicking the lighter the faint glow accentuating her face, the annoyance plain there. She'd had to escape from the dance floor, the thrumming music, the writhing bodies as close to sex as they could be fully clothed. There wasn't enough alcohol in the world for her today.

Hearing the door open again, a gaggle of giggling girls making their way in, the glare on her face not open for interpretation. She just wanted a moment of peace and quiet. The girls didn't notice her, as she stood there, arm gingerly resting against the frame of one of the stalls. Afraid to touch anything else, especially with her bare skin. This bathroom looked like a living Petrie dish. She took another puff from her cigarette, the smoke pulled deep into her lungs, holding it before releasing it in a great puff. The giggling girls made their way out of the filth, sighing with small relief. She was alone again for a moment.

Taking the last few puffs from her cigarette, she threw it on the ground, no even bothering to stamp it out. This place burning to the ground would be doing the owner a favor. She waded her way through the convulsing bodies, the music pounding through her blood. She made it to the door and quickly made her exit. She took deep, cleansing breathes of the night air as she made her way toward the waiting taxi. Sliding inside, she rattled off her address to the cabby, then sunk deep into the backseat of the car. Another failed outing, maybe someday she'd be whole enough to make her way into the living world again, but tonight was not that night.

This is only the second time I have had the pleasure of blogging this first creator and I have to say, I still really like what I am seeing. This new dress from Kartel, available at The Liaison Collaborative, is perfect for a night out with the girls, the boys, or just yourself. This dress is fit for Freya, Legacy, and Maitreya (Petite) only. The included HUD has 10 shirt textures, 15 skirt textures, 5 metals, and 5 net textures.

Outfit ♥new♥Kartel - Edda Punk Dress Legacy - The Liaison Collaborative (February 18 - March 10)

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Shiva is at also at TLC this month with a brand new women's bento pose set. This set includes 5 poses plus props. There are also men's and couple's poses available.

Pose ♥new♥Shiva Poses - Bento Woman #83 - The Liaison Collaborative (February 18 - March 10)

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This backdrop from The Bearded Guy can be found at the 101L Event. There are three different versions of this backdrop available for purchase. 

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy - Neon Nasty Restroom - 101L Event (February 19 - March 13)

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Skin ♥new♥: Nuve - Nadia Nordic Rosy BoM Lelutka Evolution - Access Event (February 12 - March 8)

Lipstick: Nuve - Velvet Lipstick Lelutka HD 

Eyeshadow: Nuve -  Liquid Rainbow Lelutka HD

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Truth has brand new hair at the main store and I am just in love. This pigtail style hair includes a style HUD and is available in all color packs or as a fatpack. 

Hair ♥new♥: Truth - Calamity Fatpack Reds 

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