Another Work Day

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It's Friday but for me, that just means maybe I'll work this weekend. The past few weeks at my job have been really slow so I haven't worked as much as I could have. What has happened is Manni got a makeover, that's right, he's shiny and new and I can't wait to share him.

Before I get to the skin though let me tell you a little bit about what I'm wearing, huh? This amazing suit from Cold Ash is just perfection. This suit is sold separately as the blazer/shirt and pants. Each piece comes in 16 colors. You can choose to wear a shirt buttoned or with a tie. The jacket and shirt include a HUD to control the shirt, pocket square, and tie. The pants include a belt HUD. A fatpack of each color family is available as well. This set is fit for Jake, Legacy Male, and Gianni only.

SuitCold Ash - Alessio Suit Blazer/Shirt and Pants Charcoal Legacy Male

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This pose set from Secret Poses was perfect to help me show off my look. This set includes 5 bento poses plus mirrors and a coffee cup with a texture change feature.

Pose: Secret Poses - Ethan 2

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Hair: Stealthic - Baron Browns

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Skybox: Hive - Built-In Kitchen Skybox

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Counter Clutter: What Next - Kitchenette Coffe Maker

Country Kitchen Blackberry Pie

Country Kitchen Apple Pie

Country Kitchen Cookbook

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Mudhoney - Kitchen Clutter Small Plates

Kitchen Clutter Mixer Rare

Kitchen Clutter Mixing Bowls

Kitchen Clutter Clutter Toaster Rare

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Now on to this hunk. From Nuve available right now at Unik Event, this skin is for Lelutka Evolution heads and is fully BoM. It is available in 4 packs of 3 tones each. The face can be purchased for use with Legacy, Signature, or Belleza. This skin was made for the gorgeous Lelutka Alain face and a shape for that face is included. It includes a brow and browless version but if you want more options you can purchase the separate eyebrow pack with 6 tintable brows. This skin is amazing and does include the 5 o'clock shadow. I'm seriously in awe of Veronika's talent.

Skin ♥new♥: Nuve - Matt BoM Skin Review (featured Medium Sunkissed) - UNIK Event (January 7 - January 31)

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For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.