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This week is one for the record books. On Sunday, my daughter came to the decision that her marriage was not working and that she wanted to end things. On Monday, I had to leave work to help her get her things from their shared storage unit so that way she didn't lose any of her belongings, most importantly the baby clothes she'd been collecting for her unborn son. On Tuesday, she woke me up just after midnight to tell me she thought her water had broke, which resulted in a 12-hour process to get her ready to have the baby, only to find out, at hour 12, that he was breach and a c-section had to be performed. On Wednesday, I had to make a 6 hour round trip drive to Utah to deliver my youngest daughter's medication that I can't send through the mail. That brings us to yesterday and having to work and prepare my daughter and her new son to come home from the hospital. I fully planned on getting far more blogging done this week, but RL had other plans. I'm just glad this is one week out of my life and not every week.

Okay, so I'm totally in love with this gacha pose set from Image Essentials, it might be because we have 6 cats roaming around our house, but Kay completely captured the life of a cat owner. This bento pose set includes 8 commons, 4 rares, and 1 ultra rare. Each pose includes attachable props and they are just fabulous. This pose reminds me so much of my little Hawkeye, who loves to have his belly rubbed. Head over to the main store to play for this gacha set. 

Pose ♥new♥Image Essentials - Crazy Cat Lady 8 

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Crazy Cat Lady Gacha Key

Vinyl Apparel is coming back in full force with her designing after some RL tragedy. Suko is just amazing and this set is one of her best yet. This set includes the top, jeans, and knee pads (not pictured) all sold separately. This set is fit for Maitreya, Legacy, Isis, Freya, and both Slink bodies. All pieces are fully customizable via the included HUD. The knee pads come with a set to wear over jeans or without jeans. The top comes in 18 individual colors with and without graphics, the jeans come in 15 colors with bonus graphics for each color, and the knee pads come in 18 colors with bonus graphics. You can buy them each in individual fatpacks as well.

Top ♥new♥Vinyl - Candy Beach Tee - Uber (June 25 - July 23)

Jeans ♥new♥Vinyl - Sky Ripped Jeans - Uber (June 25 - July 23)

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You have a couple of more days to get over to Dark Passions Events Midsummer Enchantment to grab this beautiful hair from EscalateD. This hair comes in all standard color packs, 3 mini special packs that are sold for L$50 during the event only and then gone forever, and include 2 versions with busty and regular fits. A style HUD is includes as well. This hair is rigged, therefore not resizeable and the style is just cute. Grab it now so you can get the exclusive mini packs.

Hair ♥new♥EscalateD - Briana Special Blondes Mini MultiHUD - Midsummer Enchantment (June 14 - June 30)

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The Bearded Guy has this awesome new gacha backdrop set available at Dubai Event. This set includes 5 commons and 1 rare backdrop to collect and could be used for so many things, including creating a decor scene. 

Backdrop ♥new♥The Bearded Guy - Renaissance Backdrop Play Hard Home Rare - Dubai Event (June 20 - July 10)

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The Bearded Guy Renaissance Backdrop Gacha Key

I have a brand new creator that is allowing me to blog for them and I couldn't be happier. Kosmetik has allowed me access to their blogger group to be able to bring you their amazing makeup and nail creations. This makeup is two different packs, both available at the main store location. Both the eyeshadow and lipstick are sold for Catwa and Omega only and include 5 different shades. Since I'm wearing Genus I chose the Omega pack to share. These are both lovely and well-made and totally worth getting your hands on.

EyeshadowKosmetik - Spectacle Wonder 

LipstickKosmetik - Everlasting Ombre

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Skin ♥new♥Glam Affair - Joy Tone 006 for Genus - Kustom9 (June 15 - July 10)

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EyesAvi-Glam - Aurora Eyes Silver 

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