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n the mists of Avalon lay the secrets of the holy grail. The Arthurian legends are alive and well over at Enchantment!

We're getting Medieval over there with our *pm* Medieval Sconce.

These sconces come in both Fresh & Faded versions. Faded is aged with patina, rusts, and faded metal. Have on/off touch that turns on the flame, light effects, sound, and smoke effects. 3 LI as rezzed and they are rezzed pretty large to give a grandiose feel fit for a king!

6 different versions are available to purchase at the event.

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We are also involved in the Enchantment Hunt!
Come to our main store and find the sword in the stone and own one of the new *pm* Medieval Mystic robes! The hunt gift is the Emerald version, in both Masculine and Feminine fits.

The Medieval Mystic robes come in 3 sizes since they cover the whole body except for the feet and head. Both in Masculine and Feminine fits. Fresh and Faded in each set. Faded has muted tones and dirt & weathering along the bottom hem.

If you like the Emerald one maybe you'll like one of the other 5 versions for sale at the main store.

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Sometimes tagging something isn't just a hashtag! Tag your gaming feels in Gamer Graffiti! Great wall decals in both Fresh & Faded finishes for either new paint or weathered wear looks.

Decorate a back alley or you sleek den with these phrases! Only 1 LI each as rezzed, link to bring your LI down.

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Like the phrases but wish they were emblazoned on your chest? Well you are in luck!

Comfy cotton baseball tees in both Fresh & faded looks. Wanna look sleek and casual but cutting edge? Fresh is the look for you. Wanna brag about being old school with the shirt to prove it? Faded is the way to go.

Five versions to choose from!

Venus, Isis, Freya, TMP, Ocacin, Maitreya, Ebody, Tonic Fine, Tonic Curvy, Physique, Hourglass, Fitmesh 5 sizes

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Cobblestone paths, runic stones glowing, merchants with wares from the ether! You're at the Mystical Market!

And we're there with 2 discounted items - our famous *pm* Tattooed Plaster Hands and our unisex *pm* Steppe Sister Scarves!

25% off while at the event!

Also while at the event, we have a NEW Plaster Hand set as part of the 5$L hunt item!

Mystical Market runs Aug 2nd - Aug 14th,