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By request, I've converted my new Nautilus Bay skin over to the Jinx Centaur!

From now until July 14th, it's also 50% off for Syndicate Sunday at my main store #secondlife

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Finally something brand new for summer! Created this chestnut body coat & hooves for Teegle, with subtle nautilus shell designs 🐚 Includes specular shine, and fits the Teegle avatar plus all Teeglepets.

Coming to VSteed's Race Day event, starting July 5th at 12 pm SLT! #secondlife

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In preparation for the 4th of July, my Stars & Stripes pattern/tattoo (for Water Horse) is discounted for 30L Saturday! Stop by my main store at to grab it before Sunday #secondlife

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For my first post, wanted to share VSteed's Race Day that is happening next week on July 5th (my RL birthday)! All horses, centaurs, chibis, and other avatars are welcome to attend for some slightly competitive fun Plus music & shopping! Starts at 12 pm SLT at the VSteed HQ. #secondlife

Race Day

Race Day

Games event by VSteed and Jinx on Friday, July 5 2019