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!cream spaghetti hair! New release info.
!cream spaghetti hair! participate in SaNaRae 46 round.
I release !creamSH! Harlequin Check Tights.
This item is the PROMO PRICE only at this event venue.

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!cream spaghetti hair! ★New Group Gift★
I will send new Group Gift on June 26th for subscribe group member.
!creamSH! Da.te. Megane -Group Gift-
unrigged mesh. risize ok. unisex item. 6 colors set.
My subscribe machine doesn't have history page.
If you interested my gift, Please touch to join the subscruibe machine
until June 26th at main shop or event booth.

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!cream spaghetti hair! ★New★
I released new item at Fluffy Kawaii Event.
PROMO price only at this event.
!creamSH! Mini Heart Tights
Maitreya applier and OMEGA applier included.
🚕TAXI🚕 Fluffy Kawaii Event


🎀 New release 🎀
!cream spaghetti hair! will participate in PARTY PEOPLE FAIR.
My exclusive item is !creamSH! Kira Kyun Tights.
Please check my new item at venue on June 1st~.
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💖!cream spaghetti hair! release info💖
<GIFT>!creamSH! YumeKawa REIWA Tights at main shop
<NEW>!creamSH! Kyun Kyun Heart Tights at Fluffy Kawaii
<NEW>!creamSH! Ami Ami Stocking at SaNaRae
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