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Hey everyone I'm Atom Sky Rising.. same name in SL... and this amazing photo was done none other by the amazing Lou Santini

I hang around SL mostly just bored or with my partner Dahaka Sky Rising
I like to take photos in SL sometimes as well

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Let's introduce ourselves I'll break the ice and I will start.

My name is Lou, but you can call me Luli, Lulú, Lula. I'm 24 years old and I'm playing second life since a few months ago. I'm from Argentina, but I speak english and italian too I'm always opened to make new friends, going to dance, have some fun and take nice pictures.
I also ahve an store: LuluB! I maed fantasy inspired makeup... nd well that's all haha. Feel free to add me inworld: Conlosrulosalviento


I'll be the first to start! What do you like to do on SL?