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#Salacity is grateful to be a sponsor for the 3rd annual Peace by Peace Hunt, one of SL's biggest hunts each year!

This year we are offering our new Wooden Tray Decor Set, 4 pieces each just 1 prim LI. Come join the hunt!

For more information, visit this website:

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Show your pride during Pride Month with this wall flag, ready to hang on your wall, from a balcony, or wherever you see fit.

Just 1 prim LI, the flag set (with and without a wall shadow) is just L$50. Available at Salacity's main store as part of this week's Fly Buy Friday sale!

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Salacity has a new FREE gift in the store! This one is especially for all of you who recently got houseboats: our "Boat Sweet Boat" decor is just 1 LI and will dress up your new home (or old one) with a touch of nautical theming.

Come get it in the main store now!

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The Retro Radio is a working (scripted) radio, with 3 sets, 4 colors each. Only 1 prim LI! L$50 as part of Fly Buy Fridays THIS week.