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Cocktail of Colors 2019 June 1-30

Blossom Productions presents Cocktail of Colors Hunt which will run during the month of June. Hunters need to find Red Rose Buds for L$1. We have 16 stores participating in this hunt. Hunt prizes range from women's, decor, full perm textures etc.

Please visit the website to look at the Hints


Premier Wrestling features best SL Wrestlers

Premier Wrestling has hard hitting action to voice drama, featuring the best second life wrestlers in the world! We are filmed on location, then later the show is placed on our social media accounts. Please subscribe to our YouTube account. More information on how to come to our show LIVE will be located on our website.

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Wishing Star Marketing, Promotion & Job Recruitment

We offer promotional ways to creating brand identity for your business. This includes, logo, graphic designing, website design, staff training, website management, social media management, staff recruitment & training. Visit us to know more.

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